Application report - RPM monitoring on small water power plants with monitoring system rotas


The rpm relay controls the activating moment of the generator after it has reached the rated speed with the support of the turbine. The second switching value controls the overspeed of the generator with an  emergency off in case of power failure.

For this, the rpm relay with its 24V supply voltage is best suited as it can be supplied by the UPS. The control was specially developed for small water power plants as controls for larger ones are much more expensive and would not be worth it for this smaller water power segment.


Due to previous experience in operations in similar applications, the decision was made to use the rotas speed monitor. The easily adjustable system for rotational speed monitoring and the robust, resistant and easy to install sensor solution provide the perfect complete solution for the small water power plant.

Convincingly flexible and reliable - The programmable rotational speed monitor can be set up very variably taking various system requirements into consideration. Its functional features make it possible to clearly set an alarm case and record it reliably.

The full report can be downloaded here: