Portable stroboscope RT STROBE qbLED

Number of LEDs 40
Frequency range 30 ... 300,000 FPM
Light intensity max. 1,750 LUX @ 1° / 30 cm
Flash duration adjustable
Power supply Integrated Lithium-ion batteries for up to 7 hours continuous use


  • Stroboscope RT STROBE qbLED
  • Operating instructions
  • Calibration certificate
  • Charger with connector set
  • 1 DIN plug 5-pin for trigger input and/or power
  • Handle
  • Case


The extremely bright, hand-held stroboscopes comprising the RT STROBE qbLED range are unrivalled in terms of brightness, operation and technology.

These extremely robust and precise hand-held stroboscopes are used to conduct measurements in difficult industrial environments and are specifically designed for maintenance work / commissioning and inspections.

By using the knurled wheel, all standard settings, such as the flash sequence, can be adjusted quickly and easily without any prior in-depth knowledge, so that you can begin your maintenance work immediately. If your requirements are more specialised and very specific measurements, for example, call for a time-delayed flash or slow motion effects, you can activate these settings in the pro mode, which is specially designated for these. The phase-shift for position adjustments can also be easily set in this mode.

The portable stroboscope RT STROBE qbLED is also available as stationary version: RT STROBE qbLEDs.

A detailed description of how to use the RT STROBE qbLED stroboscopes can be found here:

YouTube Tutorial