Quality and Environment Management Policy

Consistent quality of our products and services are an important part of our quality and environment management policy as well as our responsibility towards society and the environment.

In order to achieve the legal, customer-specific and RHEINTACHO-specific requirements, we provide all necessary resources and funds. Acting responsibly in regards to quality and the environment means the efficient and considerate use of valuable resources. All our employees have both the right and obligation to influence eliminating conditions which limit the performance of the company.

A disturbance free organization, advanced methods, transparent processes and the continuous improvement of our products as well as the obligation to reduce any impairment on people and environment are things we are permanently striving to achieve.

The leaders at RHEINTACHO are obliged to apply the valid management practices within their responsibility, to continuously monitor effectiveness and to adapt to any new knowledge or requirements.

As well as imposing the highest in-house quality standards, RHEINTACHO expects the same level from its suppliers and service providers.

As part of this mind-set,

  • customer focus
  • a process-oriented approach
  • continual improvement
  • the involvement of all employees
  • supplier relationships
  • and a system-oriented management approach

are the focus of our thoughts and actions.


If nothing else has been agreed upon, returns will not be accepted without prior approval.

If you have any questions, please contact quality@rheintacho.de  

Further information regarding returns especially of lithium-ion battery packs / products with lithium-ion battery packs can be found here.

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