Rotational speed monitor rotas with DC/DC converter

Frequency range 0.01 ... 20,000 Hz
Voltage / Current 10 ... 36 VDC / <120 mA
Trigger level adjustable
Pulse duration min. 20 µs
Safety-oriented analysis on request
Type approval -
5813.100CRSpeed monitor with one relay, without analog output 
5813.200CRRSpeed monitor with two relay, without analog output 
5823.100CRASpeed monitor with one relay, with analog output 
5823.200CRRASpeed monitor with two relay, with analog output 




The rotational speed monitor rotas takes on an important role in complex systems. Working independently, it takes the load off the higher level control system. If problems occur, it triggers an alarm function via its relay outputs.

In shipping applications, the rotas  acts as a secondary safety circuit to shut down the engines in emergencies.

Please note that there are no valid type approvals from classification societies for these devices.