RHEINTACHO Messtechnik GmbH is a company with longstanding tradition and has been engaged since 1901 in the field of rotational speed, a crucial control quantity for mechanical processes.

Just over 100 employees are employed at the company’s headquarters in Freiburg.

In-house product development, production and assembly departments guarantee quick and innovative solutions to customers’ individual requirements.

The production range incorporates a wide range of solutions of a high technical quality, principally in the field of rotational speed: sensors, hand-held measuring devices, rotary encoders and switching devices.

RHEINTACHO UK Ltd. is a privately owned, independent company, specialized in the production of non-electronic measurement and indication instruments as well as tacho generators, and acts as a sales and service center for the UK and Ireland.

RHEINTACHO China acts as localized sales and support center for genuine RHEINTACHO product, and provides timely application and technical support for Chinese and Asian customer base. RHEINTACHO China team can communicate in Chinese, English and German to closely support local Chinese manufacturers as well as join-venture companies.

RHEINTACHO Vision Systems S.A.S., with its Headquarters in Buhl (France), is the latest member of the RHEINTACHO Group as from April 1st, 2017. The newly founded company RHEINTACHO Vision Systems has emerged from the acquisition of the French company ERGECA (RGK Video Systems) and is specialized in the development, production and sales of camera-based inspection systems. We are pleased to have been able to get the experienced staff of RGK Video Systems on board the new company. RHEINTACHO Vision System can thus draw on the market and product know-how acquired over many years.

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