Basic knowledge - Digital hand-tachometer

RHEINTACHO's tried and tested digital hand-tachometer record rotational speeds and run lengths. Some of them use a proximity system by shining a light beam on a reflective mark; others use a contact system with special adapters for different applications.

Delivering precision and value

Exceptional design, the latest technologies and world-class production techniques are just a few of the unique qualities defining RHEINTACHO‘s family of digital handtachometers, which accurately measure rotational or surface speed as well as length.

Each tachometer is supplied with a calibration certificate traceable to DKD (Deutscher Kalibrierdienst), validating that its operating performance meets or exceeds its published specifications.

More information about digital hand-tachometers from RHEINTACHO can be found here:

Overview Digital hand-tachometer

Informative LCDi

The easy-to-read LCD display provides a wealth of valuable information including the measured valued, selected engineering units, as well an indication of the selected measuring mode; contact or non-contact.

Built-in memory

When making use of the built-in memory function, the maximum, minimum, average and last value is automatically stored and easily recalled to the display by pressing the MEM key.

Complete kits

Each unit is supplied with all the necessary accessories in an attractive, protective carrying case. Each adapter has been carefully designed to provide optimal mechanical stability to insure accurate, reliable and repeatable measurements.

Auto power off function

This function ensures that the batteries aren’t dead the next time you urgently need to use the hand-held tachometer. After 30 seconds from the last measurement, it turns off automatically.

Mode key

With the MODE key, you can select any of the following engineering units: (rpm, m/min, ft/min, in/min, ft/sec, m/sec, m, ft ,in).

Example applications

Motors, turbines and pumps; centrifugals, conveyors; paper, foil, and textiles production systems; spool and transformer coiling machines; tool machines and others.

Quick rotational-speed checks in a multitude of applications

Digital hand-tachometers are just as important in the implementation and day to day operations of machinery and systems as they are for maintenance. These devices are also very helpful for checking production systems as well as research and development laboratories. Within seconds you know what condition your systems are in.