With our online seminars, we would like to provide you with information and knowledge about our product range.

Our aim is to provide application notes and functional descriptions in addition to information about our products.

Join us in the exciting world of RHEINTACHO!


Sensor Talk by RHEINTACHO


These seminars provide an overview of sensors in general, rotational speed sensors and of course the various sensor series from RHEINTACHO. Learn more about special features and how you can make the best use of them. We classify selected sensor technologies for you according to various criteria and also look at the limits and possibilities of the applications.

Strobe Talk by RHEINTACHO


RHEINTACHO offers a wide range of portable and stationary stroboscopes. You can choose between classic xenon tubes or LEDs as light sources. In these seminars, we provide you with the necessary knowledge to select the perfect instrument for your specific observation task.