Electric drives

Increasingly, electric drive systems are being used for demanding drive tasks on mobile machines and vehicles. Good reasons for this choice include their high efficiency, flexibility of installation and the possibility of energy recovery. Three-phase so-called ‘asynchronous’ motors are often used in AC systems. These require additional components in order for a number of variables to be measured.

An important parameter for meeting the requirements of manufacturers in terms of:

  • minimum replacement outlay
  • fastest availability of replacement parts
  • demanding temperature profiles and signal tolerances
  • component standards close to those of the automotive industry
  • low space requirements for installation

is the prompt, contact-free measurement of rotational speed (and usually also the direction of rotation) in modern electric drive units such as asynchronous machines. RHEINTACHO rotational speed and direction sensors perform this task to the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

The company has focused on the measurement of rotational speed for over 116 years; this is reflected in the extent to which RHEINTACHO speed sensors exceed the industry standards.

With our well-founded technical and specialist know-how we can also provide support to you, even over longer project times, until a successful outcome is reached.


Application report - Tugger trains

Task: To control the autonomous steering, the speeds of the two rear steering wheels must be reliably recorded. Not only the speed, but also the direction of rotation must be made available to the control unit.

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Application report - Electro race car

Task: In order to determine the speed of the race car, the rotational speed of the wheels should be measured by using a sensor. This would also enable distance and reach to be calculated.

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