Application report - Tugger trains


Wegard GmbH is a producer of intelligent logistics systems. Our Wegard Trail tugger trains are characterized by their outstanding directional stability and adaptability.


To control the autonomous steering, the speeds of the two rear steering wheels must be reliably recorded. Not only the speed, but also the direction of rotation must be made available to the control unit. The tugger trains are also used in outdoor applications, which places high demands on reliability and insensitivity to wheather conditions and dirt.

Solution / Result:

The 2-channel Hall-difference speed sensor of the FM series were selected to determine the travel speed.

These sensors provide 90° phase-shifted speed signals, from which the speed and direction of movement can be determined.

The low supply voltage of the sensors allowed a significant simplification of the control electronics. With the integrated connector and the IP67 protection class, the wiring harness could be optimized, eliminating several potential high-stress locations. The receptivity of the sensors has been successfully demonstrated in the endurance test.

The full report can be downloaded here: