Rotational speed monitor rotas

Frequency range 0.01 ... 20,000 Hz
Voltage / Current 18 ... 36 VDC / <160 mA
Trigger level adjustable
Pulse duration min. 20 µs
Safety-oriented analysis on request
Type approval -
5810.100CRSpeed monitor with one relay, without analog output
5810.200CRRSpeed monitor with tworelay, without analog output
5820.100CRASpeed monitor with one relay, with analog output
5820.200CRRASpeed monitor with two relay, with analog output




Features of the rotational speed monitor rotas:

  • Variable input for pulse and sine wave signals of 0.01 Hz to 20,000 Hz
  • 15 different units of measurement
  • LC-display
  • Simple operation using 6 buttons
  • Two independent relays (change-over)
  • Freely programmable relay switching
  • Programmable switching hysteresis
  • Overspeed and underspeed monitoring
  • Start-up override and switch-back delay
  • Optional version with scalable analog output
  • Pre-programmed or delivered for free parameter setting