Customized solutions

The best way to optimise solutions is to ensure they are tailored to the requirements they meet. Our quest involves knowing what really counts for our customers, which is why nothing is more important to us than dialogue and long-term cooperation with them. We work equally closely with our suppliers. Ultimately, ensuring you receive products in flawless condition is an indispensable prerequisite for faultless production.

The core values our company espouses include focusing on the interests of our partners as well as reliability and service availability. We also further extend this approach: to application-specific products and unhindered production as well as boosting it to the max: because each time we achieve fruitful collaboration, synergies emerge as well as the enjoyment of mutual success.

RHEINTACHO can tap into a wealth of expertise in the design and production of electronic and mechatronic products. We are also more than happy to exploit our knowledge to develop and produce customer-specific solutions.



Task: The rpm relay controls the activating moment of the generator after it has reached the rated speed with the support of the turbine. The second switching value controls the overspeed of the generator with an  emergency off in case of power failure.

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Task: To achieve a 100% control of the process and to ensure the highest quality requirements, rotational speed sensors are now installed in dynamic mixers.

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Task: A mechanical indicator is required to display the fluid flow rate on transfer measuring equipment. It is also self-powered and mechanical in nature due to the hazardous environment.

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