Digital hand-tachometer rotaro

Measuring range 1 - 99,999 min-1 RPM
Measuring accuracy ±0.02 % (bzw. ± 1 Digit)
Measuring distance max. 600 mm
Measuring principle optical / mechanical
Housing ABS plastic


  • Basic device with holster
  • 10 reflective tapes
  • Adapter for mechanical measurement
  • Measuring tip, measuring funnel, wheels (0,1 m and 6“)
  • Extension shaft
  • 2 x 1.5 V batteries, Type AA
  • Case with protective foam
  • Calibration certificate
  • Operating instructions

The digital hand-tachometer rotaro is just as useful when setting up plants and machinery as during service jobs, monitoring manufacturing processes or in development laboratories. Example applications include measuring the rotational speeds of engines, pumps and turbines, as well as of mixers, centrifuges and conveyors; it can also measure the velocities and lengths of all kinds of sheets and belts.

Features of the digital hand-tachometer rotaro at a glance:

  • Easy handling with three buttons
  • Measuring distance up to 600 mm
  • Highly accurate
  • Memory function for minimum, maximum, average and most recent values
  • Standard and rechargeable battery operation

A detailed description of how to use the digital hand-tachometer rotaro can be found here:

YouTube Tutorial
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