Partner for specialized traders

The global procurement market is one which imposes unique demands on present-day purchasing and logistics processes.

One ever-present priority, however, is the need to permanently optimise supply chains.
This is an area in which OEMs seek support from specialised expert and mail-order dealers.

Their guarantee of success, in turn, lies in ensuring a comprehensive portfolio, full of top quality products that have proven their worth and meet all the applicable industrial requirements.

This is an area in which RHEINTACHO Messtechnik GmbH has emerged in recent decades and established itself as a go-to company for technology which measures rotational speed.

As both developer and manufacturer, we are more than happy to provide the full scope of support when it comes to expanding and maintaining your range:

  • with a wide range of marketing materials such as catalogues, posters and more
  • with premium image material
  • with practical application reports
  • active processing of our own YouTube channel, or provision of the product training videos and product demos contained there