Decarbonization is our goal

RHEINTACHO believes it has the responsibility to make a contribution to achieving global climate goals and has therefore set itself the goal of operating in a CO2e-neutral manner.

Since 2018, the Freiburg-based measurement technology manufacturer has already been preparing carbon footprints in order to bring as much transparency as possible to this issue. And thus to be in a position to make fact-based decisions.

For the year 2020, RHEINTACHO has for the first time achieved the goal of carbon neutrality (CO2e) for energy-related, direct and indirect emissions (Scope 1/ 2) and parts of Scope 3 emissions.

RHEINTACHO goes green

Total output approx. 45,000 kWh - annual CO2 savings approx. 25 to CO2  

In February 2020, after completion of the converted attic floor as planned, the newly installed PV system was put into operation. The annual output is approx. 22,000 kWh, the CO2 saving is 12 to per year. The PV system consists of 66 Winaico solar modules for an output of 20,460 kWh.

Another plant has been in operation since July 2011. With a total of 80 Bosch modules on the roof, RHEINTACHO achieves about 23,000 kWh per year and has 13 to as a savings value. 

In addition, RHEINTACHO uses only green electricity  (see certificate).

We look forward to a bright future.


Certificates can be downloaded here: