Mobile hydraulics

Mobile hydraulic systems are used for example in construction, agricultural and forestry machinery. Where high output power combined with minimum weight is required this form of power is particularly effective, thanks to the exceptionally high power density of hydraulic systems combined with low space requirements.

An important parameter for satisfying the constantly increasing demands in terms of:

  • extreme pressures
  • demanding temperature profiles
  • increasingly compact designs
  • increasingly globally defined operating conditions
  • lowest failure rates
  • longer service lives
  • stricter emissions standards

is the prompt, contact-free measurement of shaft speed in modern mobile hydraulic control circuits. RHEINTACHO speed sensors perform this task to the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

The company has focused on the measurement of rotational speed since 1901; this is reflected in the extent to which RHEINTACHO speed sensors exceed the industry standards.

With our well-founded technical and specialist know-how we can also provide support to you, even over longer project times, until a successful outcome is reached.


Application-Report - KBA-approved* speed sensors in a hydraulic system for engageable four-wheel drive

Task: For use in difficult terrain it is necessary to use vehicles with four-wheel drive. All-wheel drive vehicles are considerably less economical on the road than those without all-wheel drive.
*German Federal Motor Transport Authority

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Application report - Smart hydraulic drive with Shift in Motion and rotational speed sensor of the FC series

Task: Normally, a vehicle with a standstill manual transmission must stop for shifting. This not only costs a lot of time - but also alot of energy.
When shifting gears while driving, however, the advantages are obvious: in addition to saving time, the kinetic energy of the machine that remains in motion is still used and fuel consumption is reduced.

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Application report - Hydraulic propulsion

Task: A precise collection of actual values directly at the place of consumption (propulsion, toppers, and sugar beet transport systems) is an absolute requirement for the optimum balancing of performance requirements of HOLMER highperformance harvesters for various consumers.

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Application report - Mobile hydraulics

Task: The speed and rotation of direction of hydrostatic drives are to be measured and passed on to the control system. The environmental conditions place extreme demands on the reliability and sturdiness of the sensors.

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Application report - Hydrostatic motors

Task: A sensor is required to measure the speed of hydrostatic drives and transfer it securely to the control system under extreme environmental conditions.

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