Application report - Hydrostatic motors


A sensor is required to measure the speed of hydrostatic drives and transfer it securely to the control system under extreme environmental conditions.


  • Road construction machinery such as excavators, crawlers and rollers;
  • Snow plows and municipal vehicles;
  • Agricultural machines;
  • Truck cranes and special vehicles.

Operating conditions:

The sensor is attached directly to the hydro motor. It must be resistant against high-pressure cleaners (80 bar / 80 °C), contact with hydraulic oils, salt water and diesel  and high pressures (approx. 360 bar) and temperatures.


Special stainless steel differential hall-effect sensors are used. They are of a high protection class and can be used within a range of –40 °C to +125°C. Applications of up to 360 bar are possible due to a simple, but effective seal technology. Low speeds are also detected (from 0.5 Hz). 

Scanning distances of up to 2.5 mm are possible. Various variants of the M12 high-pressure sensor series are available. They are available with different cable lengths or with an integrated connector.

The full report can be downloaded here: