Portable stroboscope RT STROBE pocket rolux

Frequency range 30 ... 12,500 FPM
Light intensity max. 1,200 LUX @ 4,500 FPM / 20 cm
Flash duration < 9 µs
Power supply Lithium-ion battery pack
Material ABS


  • Portable XENON stroboscope rolux
  • Operating instructions
  • Trigger plug
  • Test certificate
  • Battery charger with adapters for different countries

The hand-held stroboscope rolux is ideal for proximity rotational speed measurement of plants and machinery, as well as for observing moving parts in operation.

Adjust the flash sequence so that the object appears stationary to the human eye, and you can then read the speed or frequency of movement from the LCD on the rolux.

The device registers speeds and oscillation frequencies during operation at poorly accessible or particularly sensitive points. It can also be used to observe fast, recurring sequences of movement. Example applications of the device include observations of fan blade deformation, the position of a toothed belt under load, mechanical movements on packaging and filling machines or the separation of substances in a centrifuge. These are just a few illustrations of its huge range of uses in this field.

All settings on the very robust industrial stroboscope can be made quickly and easily using the large knurled wheel.

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