Basic knowledge - Rotational speed monitor

The speed monitor has numerous applications in many areas of technology, whether it be for protection of people, machines or manufactured products, to ensure that a plant operates at optimum efficiency, or for speed-dependent switching of system functions in a process.

The rotational speed monitor rotas has a huge variety of applications. It monitors combustion engines in power plants and ships, as well as in gas, water and wind turbines, and can also be used for process monitoring in paper, foil or textile production. Drive units of machine tools and processing centers can also be excellently monitored with the rotas rotational speed monitor.

Extremely flexible and reliable

The programmable speed monitor can be configured in many different ways to meet a wide variety of application requirements. Its functional features allow the alarm situation to be clearly defined and safely detected.

Scaleable analog output (optional)

  • An analog output is available on all models

Variable scaling

  • 15 different measurement units
  • Variable measurement range

Easy to use

  • Simple 6-key operation

Programmable switching action one, optional second relay (change-over)

  • Contact direction in the alarm condition
  • Limit value
  • Reset switching value (hysteresis)
  • Overspeed or underspeed monitoring
  • Active starting-bridge (0 to 99.9 sec)
  • Switch back time delay (0 to 99.9 sec)

Variable signal Input

  • 2-wire and 3-wire sensors
  • PNP, NPN or sine wave signals
  • Programmable trigger threshold

Highlights at a glance

The LCD display shows the measured value, and, if a limit is set, this limit value will be shown along with the state and the unit of measurement.

Quick reaction measuring method

  • Cycle duration measurement adjustable frequency
  • Permits averaging of the measured value

Overspeed monitoring with reset switching delay

Once the speed has fallen below the switch back value and the switch back time delay has expired, the relay switches to its normal status again.

Underspeed monitoring with run-up bridging

Monitoring does not start until after the start signal of the starting-bridge has de-energized and the starting bridge time has elapsed.