Large engines

Large engines are used to power ships, as static power generation solutions in power stations and even as emergency generators.

To meet each and every requirement posed by such engines, including:

  • Permanent operability
  • Low repair and maintenance costs
  • Optimal efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Extended durability
  • Low fuel consumption

measuring and monitoring speed is a particular priority.

For decades, RHEINTACHO speed sensors, rotary encoders and monitoring solutions have delivered optimal solutions in this field and outlasted their forecast service life many times over.


Application report - Speed detection in multi-plate clutch

Task: The product is a hydraulically actuated dry-running multi-plate clutch for mobile construction and work machines (product name: Planox PHRA 143/1 SR). The clutch is mounted/flanged directly to  the diesel engine of the machine. The role of the system is to accelerate the main tool of the machine. This usually involves large rotating masses, in particular drums and flywheels (e.g. in stone crushers, wood chippers, cold milling machines).

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Application report - Speed monitoring

Task: The engine speed of large diesel engines must be kept within an ideal engine-specific range. Speed monitoring is used as a secondary safety circuit.

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