Digital hand-tachometer rotaro Te

Measuring range 1 - 99,999 min-1 RPM
Measuring accuracy ±0.02 % (bzw. ± 1 Digit)
Measuring distance max. 600 mm
Measuring principle optical / mechanical
Housing ABS plastic


  • Basic device with holster
  • 10 reflective tapes
  • Adapter for mechanical measurement
  • Special mechanical adapter for elevator and rope measuring up top 8 mm diameter
  • Measuring tip, measuring funnel, wheels (0,1 m and 6“)
  • Extension shaft
  • 2 x 1,5 V batteries, Type AA
  • Case with protective foam
  • Calibration certificate
  • Operating instructions

The digital hand-tachometer rotaro Te is a device for measuring rotational speed and velocity, as well as length. The compact device has two measuring methods. One is optical, and therefore non-contacting; the other is mechanical using an adapter and various probes.

Using a special adapter, the rotaro Te can measure speed and length of ropes up to 8 mm diameter, e.g. in elevator applications.

Typical applications of the rotaro Te are service and maintenance work within the elevator systems.

A detailed description of how to use the digital hand-tachometer rotaro Te can be found here:

YouTube Tutorial