Portable stroboscope RT STROBE pocketLED with Trigger

Frequency range 30 ... 300,000 FPM
Light intensity max. 4,800 LUX @ 6,000 FPM / 30 cm
Degree of protection IP65 / splash-water protected
Flash duration adjustable
Material Aluminium / ABS, heavy duty design
Dimensions 191 x 82 x 60 mm


  • Portable LED stroboscope RT STROBE pocketLED T - with trigger interface
  • Cable with plug for trigger signal 
  • Operating instructions
  • Calibration certificate
  • Batteries


Connect your RT STROBE pocketLED T with the device or plant to be monitored via a trigger cable. Switching from internal to external triggering displays the units 1/min or Hz rather than FPM.

A wide variety of options for influencing the input signal before the flash is activated enables you to ensure that the flash will be activated in exactly the right position.

The trigger interface is designed as a combined input and output interface. The trigger output allows you to set a flash frequency in the stroboscope and transmit it as a trigger signal to an external device or machine.

A detailed description of how to use the RT STROBE pocketLED T stroboscopes can be found here:

YouTube Tutorial