Sensor Mapping

The perfect combination of speed sensor and sensor target is crucial for robust and reliable signal detection. In practice, however, it is unfortunately the case that there can be contradictions between a target that is ideal for capturing and a target which is constructive or cost-effective. In these cases, the search for a compromise begins. A solution has to balance the differing goals practically.

In this task, it is of course optimal, if different variants can be reliably and objectively evaluated in a very early development phase. In this case, professional and precise sensor-mapping is a valuable tool.

The task is to achieve reliable data, but not only under ideal laboratory conditions. More importantly, it is absolutely necessary to consider the interference occurring in practice, as far as it is adjustable.

In the case of speed sensors, this is an interdisciplinary task. In addition to the sensor developers at RHEINTACHO, software, electronics and mechanical experts must be involved from the application point of view. Especially in the increasing demand to determine the direction of rotation in addition to the rotational speed, the optimal interaction of mechanics, software and sensor is of great importance.

The newly designed sensor mapping station of RHEINTACHO offers the possibility to analyse precisely which parameters would lead to which signal results using variables that can be changed with high repeat accuracy. The computer-controlled design can manage targets up to a size of approx. 500mm diameter and a weight of up to 60kg. It is driven by a precise stepper motor.