Sensor Talk by RHEINTACHO

The topics sound interesting and you would like to participate in one or more of our 30-minute webinars?
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Topic: High availability in difficult application conditions - Rotational speed detection in mobile machines

Rotational speed detection in mobile machines. About measuring principles, installation ideas and special requirements for components in mobile machines. As icing on the cake: insights into an exciting application.


Topic: Speed measurement in electric drives: FK, FP, FM sensors

Whether cable exit or integrated connector. Or from ultrasmall to big. Basic information about RHEINTACHO sensors for electric drives. Available series, available variants (sensor shape, cable length, connectors, ...).


Topic: It's all about speed - since 1901: RHEINTACHO at a glance

Getting an amazing overview about a very old and very modern company.


Topic: The (3) musketeers of speed measurement

Within the FE series, RHEINTACHO offers a wide choice of different speed sensors: 1-channel, 2-channel, PWM signal. And a bunch of different connecting interfaces. The unique thing: The mechanical interface is all the same.


Topic: It's more than just a speed sensor...

RHEINTACHO started some years ago to add temperature measurement to the speed sensors as an additional function. Saving you costs, saving you installation time, make your design much easier. Check out with this seminar.


Topic: High reliability in high pressure: Rotational speed sensors FE hp / FE vhp / M12

Both basic information and in-depth insight into our speed sensor series for high-pressure applications. Special design features and more.


Topic: Hydraulic drives NEED speed sensors from RHEINTACHO

We offer the broadest range of speed sensors dedicated for mobile hydraulic applications. Find out in this webinar, why the top range of hydraulic drive manufacturers are trusting on RHEINTACHO.


Topic: IP67/IP69K - Speed sensors of the FQ series: Your choice for electric drives in construction/agriculture

Basic informationen about FQ-sensors. Typical applications and available variants (sensor shape, cable length, connectors, ...).


Topic: De-coding the IP code - basics and nice-to-knows

IP classifications are the perfect tool for choosing the right part for your application. But as usual: It´s not that easy, if you take a closer look.


Topic: Finding the right one for every application - Basic overview of speed sensors and their functions

There are various measuring principles available. What are the strengths? Which one fits perfect into your requirements?


Topic: About sensors

What are sensors doing? Why "sensors"? What is the job of a sensor? What is beyond his job?