Digital hand-tachometer rotaro

The digital hand-tachometer rotaro is a device for measuring rotational speed and velocity, as well as length. The compact device has two measuring methods. One is optical, and therefore non-contacting; the other is mechanical using an adapter and various probes.

With the optical method, it focuses a beam of light at a thin sticker attached to the object, which reflects it at the speed of rotation. The result appears immediately on the 5-digit LCD. The distance between the digital hand-tachometer rotaro and the test object can be up to 600 mm.

The mechanical method uses a contact probe, which is directly attached to the axis of rotation. A measuring wheel is placed on the adapter to measure velocity or length.

Besides the standard version RHEINTACHO offers the rotaro with special adapters for various applications:

More information about digital hand-tachometers can be found here:

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