Portable stroboscopes LED

RHEINTACHO has been a pioneer in the field of LED stroboscopy since the early days and is all too aware of the potential held by this technology. In addition to the long service life of the LED lights, completely new areas of application are also opened up by the robust, impact-resistant plastic housing.

The portable industrial LED stroboscopes are designed for measuring inserts exposed to critial environmental conditions. The comprehensive functional scope enables very flexible and accurate measurements as well as on-site configurations.

As well as intuitive control, the high luminous intensity of this equipment was key to significantly improving measurement distance.


  • Frequency: 30 … 999,999 FPM (flashes per minute)
  • Light intensity up to 9,000 LUX
  • Light intensity adjustable
  • Large LCD-Display
  • Low-wear technology with LED
  • Homogeneous, large illumination surface
  • Various setting possibilities
  • Different types available

More information about portable stroboscopes can be found here:

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