Application report - Aircraft refueling


A mechanical indicator is required to display the fluid flow rate on transfer measuring equipment. It is also selfpowered and mechanical in nature due to the hazardous environment.

The indicator is subject to the outside environment and must fully compensate temperature variations as well as be unaffected by mounting positions. It must be fully sealed against any atmospheric conditions and withstand periodic low pressure cleaning.

Displaying the flow rate of aircraft fuel pumped from the tanker/storage tank into the aircraft. Besides the control of the fueled quantity, it is absolutely essential for an optimal and trouble-free refueling, to observe the flow rate.


A mechanical indicator using the reliable, long established eddy current principle was developed over 40 years ago and adapted to the flowmeter applications in the nineties.

In the above described application, aircraft fuel enters the bulkmeter where an engine shaft is powered by a propeller, which then triggers/operates the indicator.

  1. Various connection systems to the indicator are available including tongue drive, plain shaft or geared input which provide a wide range of possibilities to meet customer requirements. 
  2. Customized dials and connectors are standard at RHEINTACHO. We print up to medium size lots on our premises. This provides the flexibility our customers require.

The full report can be downloaded here: