Application report - Plot trials for plant protection in agriculture

Area of application:

The LTZ Augustenberg is a state authority of the German state Baden-Württemberg. In addition to the functions of an accredited laboratory for organic and inorganic analysis, independent tasks such as seed recognition are also carried out. Furthermore, the LTZ is specialized in the fields of crops, fruit and hops growing, horticulture and ornamental plants. Numerous tests in connection with ecological and conventional growing methods are carried out. The knowledge gained from these tests flows into consulting in agricultural practice.


In precise trials, the effectiveness, environmental compatibility and residue behaviour of pesticides are tested in various crops. The tachometers are used on plot testing devices in the field of plant protection in agriculture. Our department is also responsible for controlling and maintaining the test devices. As an exact dosing of pesticides is absolutely necessary especially in tests, the display of the speed of the plot test device is especially important. The reading of the instrument should also be as simple as possible so that the operator can read his walking speed easily.


It was necessary to find a mechanical device to measure and display the walking speed of the plottesting device. As the device is operated without any electrical power, electrical versions could not be used.

RHEINTACHO eddy current tachometers B3-2222 offer the possibility to combine exact speed control and monitoring in practice. An electrical power supply is not needed by the device. The most suitable version was chosen from among 30 different versions. For assembly, the shaft and connection element had to be adapted.


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