Web control XXL New: RHEINTACHO LED Stroboscope RT STROBE 12000

RHEINTACHO is extending its family of stationary stroboscopes with one additional model with a length of 1,000 mm. This stroboscope is the ideal instrument to light up very large inspection surfaces optimally. High performance LED’s are the source of light in these instrument.

The light control is achieved by using special lenses. RHEINTACHO will also be able to use the LED clusters used in the existing models (RT STROBE 3000, 5000, 7000) for this new one.

The operation of this stroboscope is done on an integrated control panel on the back of the instrument. Light intensity and flash frequency (together with the optional control units) can be set here.

In addition, when using the selector switch, either manual control or the use of an external machine signal can be chosen. Both input signals can also be continuously connected. The operator simply selects the preferred signal type depending on the inspection task.

Using an additional bushing, a cascade setting is possible and the connection of several RHEINTACHO stroboscopes with only one common control is another available alternative. Of course, we also ask ourselves the question of whether cascading is really necessary on such extremely wide stroboscope with incredible light intensity, which this mega-stroboscope offers.