RHEINTACHO UK supports historic Papplewick Pumping Station in Nottingham (UK)

When Ashley Smart, director of the Papplewick Museum contacted RHEINTACHO in connection with the refurbishment of the Browett & Lindley Compound Steam Engine set, this was to include the tachometers as well. At RHEINTACHO UK, we immediately felt obliged to support this unique example of Victorian ornate architecture and historic example of the industrial revolution of more than a century ago.

Mr. Smart originally placed an order with us to refurbish the revometers built in 1946 and 1949 by Foundrometers Instrumentation, as we were formally named. We wanted to support the museum and the refurbishing project and waive all fees in connection with them.

The challenge in connection with the refurbishing and a novelty when receiving orders was the fact that the instruments should still look old after doing the work, a challenge for our staff. However, in the end, it worked and we were able to provide “new” old instruments which fit into their historic surroundings perfectly.

We look forward to visiting the Papplewick Pumping Station in the near future and recommend doing so to anyone interested in architecture or technology.

The press release can be downloaded here::