New LED stroboscopes from RHEINTACHO - RT STROBE qbLED and RT STROBE 10000 LED

RHEINTACHO Messtechnik GmbH has extended its range of LED stroboscopes to two impressive new products – an extremely light intensive portable stroboscope RT STROBE qbLED as well as a stationary stroboscope RT STROBE 10000 LED for XXL-web widths exceeding 1000 millimeter.

The portable and versatile stroboscope RT STROBE qbLED provides in terms of light intensity, control elements and technology a true reference in its class.

The very powerful stroboscope with up to 300,000 flashes per minute and depending on the model up to 9,000 LUX (@ 1° / 300 mm) has especially been designed for applications in the areas of maintenance / commissioning and inspection.

A world first is the version RT STROBE super qbLED. 118 LEDs provide the highest luminous efficacy of all portable LED stroboscopes available on the market. This inspection tool is the first of its type to be equipped with an auto-sync laser function. This determines the synchronization frequency within a very short time without any need of manual settings or external sensor signals.

For better readability the display is provided with a backlight. Thus, the readability is significantly optimized even under unfavorable environmental conditions.