Measuring elevator- and welding wire speed with rotaro Te and Tw

The high-precision and well-proven digital hand-tachometers Rotaro 3.0 from RHEINTACHO Messtechnik GmbH measure either optically (non-contact) or mechanically. Thanks to two new designed special adapters the Rotaro 3.0 can now also be used for elevator- and rope measurement as well as to measure welding wire speeds and lengths.

Te for elevator systems
The Rotaro Te digital hand-tachometer is a device for measuring rotational speed and velocity, as well as length. The compact device has two measuring methods. One is optical, and therefore non-contacting; the other is mechanical using an adapter and various probes.

Using the special adapter Te, the device can measure speed and length of wires, cables and ropes up to 8 mm diameter, elevator applications.

The Rotaro Te digital hand-tachometer is just as useful when setting up plants and machinery as during service jobs, monitoring manufacturing processes or in development laboratories. Example applications include measuring the rotational speeds of engines, pumps and turbines, as well as of mixers, centrifuges and conveyors; it can also measure the velocities and lengths of all kinds of threads, sheets and belts.