Find just the right product – without even having to search! RHEINTACHO’s new website with high-performance product selectors

RHEINTACHO offers a wide variety of different products in the speed sensor and stroboscope product selectors. This diverse range offers users the perfect product for almost any application. The important thing, though, is to find it quickly and reliably. So, in drawing up the initial designs for the new website, the integration of a product selector was already an important priority.

Exactly what should such a selector be able to do? What questions does a potential customer ask when selecting a product? Which specifications are ‟selection-relevant” and need clarifying in order to present the user with a really useful choice?

Under the management of Isabelle Thumm, the RHEINTACHO project team closely examined, discussed and drafted detailed concepts for these questions, until a good, workable solution had been found. The results can be seen at Two product-specific selectors with the same functional spectrum are currently integrated in the webpage.

In the product selector for the speed sensors, users can find a sensor that perfectly suits their needs by using 14 search criteria to select from a current range of 111 sensors. The search criteria include: output signal, geometry, measurement principle, frequency etc. In the case of the stroboscopes, 23 models are offered in the selector, and the selection process can be effectively narrowed down according to 11 characteristics (for example: light source, brightness, illumination area etc.). 

After having made the selection, the suitable products are shown in a list of results. Users can then compare up to 4 products from the list with one another and access the relevant data sheet online.

There has been an extremely positive response from users. Meanwhile, the RHEINTACHO staff are making intensive use of this online application too. The selectors have already proven their worth above all with regard to telephone enquiries: an interested customer can be directly talked through the different criteria, so that a product that is 100% suitable for the caller can already be identified on the phone.

The investment in these functions has absolutely paid off from a business management viewpoint too. Thanks to the selector, RHEINTACHO is receiving markedly more knowledgeable and specific enquiries than before, as users now have a real chance of conveniently finding that famous needle amid a richly varied range of products. 

The press release can be downloaded here: