Application report - Quality control of printing machines with stationary stroboscopes RT STROBE 10000 LED


On an 8-colour flexographic printing press, there is a web inspection system whereby several individual frames are automatically sent to a monitor every second over the entire width of the material using a mobile camera. Since these are only snapshots, the operator has to check the print quality randomly, in addition to manually, while the machine is running (max. 400m/min).

Examination criteria:

  • A „positive“ typeface will often be printed in a differently coloured, recessed „negative“ typeface. The two images have to be superimposed precisely, so that the base material, such as white paper, does not show through on the edges of the font.
  • The typeface may not fray at the edges.
  • There may not be any printing lapses (the printed image appears „porous“).


Using the RT STROBE 10000 LED stationary stroboscope,the complete web width can be illuminated effortlessly. As a result, quality control is performed much more quickly and effectively.

Printing errors which only occur at the edges of the material web can be recognised immediately at a glance. Without effort, a person can sometimes even „take a quick look at it in passing“.

The brightness can be adjusted to the material/printing image so that reflections can be prevented. 

The extremely high light intensity of the RT STROBE 10000 LED is guaranteed by 480 high-power LEDs. Thanks to a homogeneous illumination area of up to 100 cm, excellent results can even be achieved under less than favourable lighting conditions.

The full report can be downloaded here: