Application report - Perfect timing for the perfect ignition


Creation of an ignition curve with a freely programmable engine control unit.


Construction of a test stand for capturing ignition point and determine stability/repeatability. The tools for this task are: A stroboscope RT STROBE pocketLED A4-3200 with external trigger input and a conventional clamp meter.


Solution / Result

As expected, the ignition set-times at the engine control unit, deviate significantly from the actual ignition time due to the signal path starting with the crankshaft sensor and extending to the ignition cable. With the externally triggered stroboscope A4-3200, this deviation can be perfectly visualized and the settings on the engine control unit can be corrected accordingly. The flash frequency adapts dynamically, without delay, to all speed or ignition timing changes. This creates a permanently sharp image on the measuring disk. In addition, thanks to the use of high-performance LEDs, the light is so bright, that working in daylight-conditions is possible.

The full report can be downloaded here: