Application report - Quality assurance within the paper industry with portable stroboscope RT STROBE qbLED

The surrounding conditions during paper production have very high requirements on material and machine. The challenge is to find a device which can be used in many different conditions in the paper industry.

Locations and tasks:

Screen Zone
Application of the paper pulp onto a circulating continuous sieve and an initial drainage using gravity and vacuum.

Press Zone
Takeover of the wet paper web from the screen zone and further drainage using pressure in felted presses.

Drying Zone
Takeover of the paper web from the press zone and further drying using temperature.

Application Unit
Coating on one or both sides of the paper web.

Post-drying Zone
Takeover of the paper web from the application unit and further drying using temperature.

Rolling-up Unit
Takeover of the paper web from the post-drying zone and rolling-up into a "tambour".


The RT STROBE qbLED (A4-3500) was chosen due to its compact, robust and tight design and the unique utilization of light. Various areas can be controlled and settings can be made which previously could only be realized using coplicated  control fixtures or cost-intensive control systems. Easy handling as well as many setting possibilities make it a universal device in maintenance and operations.

All standard settings can be made quickly and easily without profound knowledge enabling an immediate start of any maintenance work. If it gets more complicated for special measuring operations, such as phased flash or a slow motion function, the professional mode can be used for this.

The RT STROBE qbLED is supplied in a handy case including operating instructions, calibration certificate, power supply with plug set, a 5 pin DIN plug for the trigger signal and power, as well as a grip.

The full report can be downloaded here: