Application report - Maintenance of bone shaver with portable stroboscope RT STROBE pocketLED


The introduction of bone shavers in surgery has succeeded strongly in recent years. And such shavers are now being used in the fields of arthroscopy, orthopedics, and ENT.


The system of a bone shaver is comprised of two devices. One is a control device and the other is a handheld unit with a shaver blade. The control unit has the task of setting the motor speed for each shaver blade to enable it to turn at the right rotational speed. It is especially important to ensure the accuracy of the  rotational speed and the adjustment under stress during operation. The speed range of a bone shaver is between 2,000 and 13,000 rpm’s.

The rotational speed is measured and adjusted accordingly using hall sensors. During various tests in the development phase, it is necessary to execute a reference measurement for the hall sensor measurement without any stress.

In the future, the use of a stroboscope during manufacturing and in the later maintenance is planned.


The RT STROBE pocketLED (A4-3000) provides the perfect solution for this. The motor is not under any pressure due to the stroboscope and the speed range is covered completely by this device. In addition, despite the small diameter of the tool, a reliable rotational speed measurement can be carried out.

With up to 300,000 flashes per minute, the handheld stroboscope is one of the most powerful of its class. The ergonomic and functionally optimal housing with the integrated protection holster, fulfills the requirements the IP 65 protection classification.

This ensures the RT STROBE pocketLED a high level of protection against dust and water jets, therefore making it perfectly suitable for demanding applications.

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