Application report - Speed measurement in gas engine for CHP plant


Hargassner Ges.mbh is a renowned manufacturer of modern and highly efficient combined heat and power (CHP) plants. In the energy mix with renewable energies such as solar and wind power, highly efficient biomass cogeneration plants make an important contribution to a stable and environmentally friendly energy supply.


The Hargassner CHP (combined heat and power) system consists of the gasifier unit (gasifier) and the generator unit (CHP). Based on the principle of wood gasification, this plant generates electricity and heat from natural wood chips. A key element in this plant is an efficient industrial gas engine. For optimal control of the plant, precise and longlasting speed measurement is necessary.


Hargassner Ges.mbh uses sensors of the FQ series for speed measurement. These sensors achieve the protection class IP67 / IP69K and are specially designed for use in thermally demanding applications. As standard, both speed and direction of rotation can be detected with the FQ sensors using the differential Hall principle. The SDN29.FQ05.E05R sensor is used.

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