“We calculate without wear” - Rotational Speed Measuring Devices from RHEINTACHO live a long and functional Life

Products age and wear; many of which stop working today right after the guarantee period ends, either planned or due to careless development – something which is very annoying for users. This is not true for rotational speed measuring devices from RHEINTACHO.

The archive of the measuring device manufacturer goes back to 1922 and documents cases in which rotational speed measuring devices have been running for decades now. One example is a tachometer at a customer in Thailand which has been used on a coating machine since 1975.

Good Reputation and Quality are more important for RHEINTACHO than quick Money

“Obsolescence is now being talked about everywhere, but for us, it is not an important topic. All our products have a high durability even under extreme conditions”, confirms Jörn Strasser, Branch Manager at RHEINTACHO. We do not attach any importance to defect devices shortly after the guarantee runs out leading to the need to purchase a new one.

The company concentrates on an integrated strategic approach instead of a short-term monetary one. RHEINTACHO develops devices which are far in excess of standard requirements, as satisfied customers are in focus and often return with other topics. “This leads to little repeat business, but develops loyal customers and a good reputation”, says Strasser. For successful and long-term relationships, RHEINTACHO works closely together with customers, partners and suppliers.

Principles à la Robert Bosch

RHEINTACHO agrees with Robert Bosch in its quality thinking who said, “For me, it was always something unthinkable, that someone testing a product of mine were able to prove that I was doing something inferior. I have therefore always strived to provide things which stood up to any technical test, which meant it was the best of the best.”

Examples for robust measuring technology solutions from the Archive of RHEINTACHO

There are numerous references and historical evidence for the quality of RHEINTACHO products, regardless of whether for electrical drives in industry or wind energy, on ships, „we still work as we did 116 years ago to find the best possible solution for measuring and monitoring rotational speed”.

Some example cases like these:

  • On 29 August 2005, the hurricane “Katrina“ hit the Gulf Coast of the USA and dragged two 250T sectional transporters into the sea. After over a year, the transporters were salvaged. While trying to repair them, the service engineers found the rotational speed sensors of the FA series from RHEINTACHO, which were one of two components which still worked.
  • In a land parcel spray system, with which the Plant Protection Agency in Kiel, Germany treated various field plants and vegetables with different pesticides, a tachometer, type MG 80 S was installed in 1981. In 1997, it was replaced by a new one and is still running trouble-free.
  • From Vladivostok to the United Arab Emirates, the first IP65 handheld stroboscopes of RHEINTACHO have been in operation for more than 10 years now in various industries and under the most adverse conditions.
  • Bernd Michels, work shop leader at the company comments on the HT10 rotational speed measuring devices as follows: “We use it to measure rotational speed quickly and exactly on drive butts, belt pulleys or other similar things. In contrast to the sorted out digital measuring devices, the HT 10 is ready to use, needs no batteries and you do not have to study operating instructions in order to get started. I have been working in this profession for more than 25 years now and was trained on this measuring device. Today, I train our apprentices with it.”