Watermarks and Teabags? RT STROBES qbLED impress during use

RHEINTACHO Messtechnik GmbH introduced its new qbLED portable stroboscope range to the market last year. These high-performance stroboscopes are already successfully being used by several RHEINTACHO customers and have been thoroughly tested in practical test scenarios.

A manufacturer of teabag tags was one of the first recipients of this portable stroboscope. Besides the verification of perfect print quality and carrying out of seam control, this client placed great value on watermark inspection by means of shine-through light. The tag producer was previously using several XENON stroboscopes. The need for frequent XENON tube replacement and the associated machine downtime caused the company to search for an alternative. It found this in the form of the RHEINTACHO qbLED stroboscope, which is based on LED technology and thus requires little maintenance and impresses with its high light intensity.