To the point! 14.7 mm Rotational Speed Sensor with PWM Signal

With the new FE PWM rotational speed sensor form the FE series, RHEINTACHO presents a sensor which fulfills nearly every wish of the users. What attracts our attention first on this sensor? The extremely small size in connection with the housing diameter and length as well as the space requirements above and below the flange.

The main area of application for this sensor is in hydraulic drives, especially the ones used in construction and agricultural equipment.

From the beginning of the design concept, the design took highly demanding working conditions into consideration. Having this in mind, the sensor achieved the IP67 and IP6K9K ratings. This means dirt, moisture and intensive cleaning methods are no problem for the sensor.

The housing is made of a special brass alloy. Due to the selection of this material and an intelligent design, the compressive strength of the measuring surface is ensured.

And this sensor adds a rotational direction signal to the rotational speed signal. The electronic design with a pulse-width modulated signal (PWM) works with a current signal differing from the 1-channel and 2-channel version, on which the rotational direction information is transmitted through the differing pulse lengths. At the same time, this sensor also provides a signal with a constant amplitude independent from the rotational speed. This sensor excels not only by detecting rotational speed and direction, but also provides additional diagnostic functions, e.g. downtime recognition, critical air gap and critical installation position.

The RHEINTACHO FE series also offers other versions of this sensor which can be installed identically: 1-channel (only rotational speed) and 2-channel (rotational speed and direction) in the shape of 2 phase-shifted rectangular signals.

The press release can be downloaded here: