There need be only one! One Sensor, two Signals: Rotational Speed Sensor with an integrated Temperature Sensor

M8-rotational speed sensors and ABZ sensors from RHEINTACHO detect temperature additionally. With both above mentioned speed sensor series, RHEINTACHO is beginning to integrate temperature recording in addition to rotational speed measurement.

Further sensor series are now being developed.

And with the ABZ-sensor, RHEINTACHO is even going a step further: the recording of rotational direction and position are also included.

For recording temperature, an NTC temperature element with the following specifications is used: ± 1.5 °C above the total operating range, NTC 4.7 kOhm, ±1 % @ R25; B25/85-value: 3830 K.

Recording can of course be application/customer-specific in combination with other components.

Depending on the application, the evaluation of the temperature signal has to be adapted to the differing installation conditions. In hydraulic applications, the homogenizing effect is supported by the hydraulic fluid. In electro-motors, the use of a temperature signal side in a speed sensor requires significantly more adaptation as the installation position has very different ambient conditions from the common installation position of the temperature sensor.

The indisputable advantage of being able to call up several parameters at the same time is still actual. The cost advantages are complex and are not only limited to the installation costs, but also do not include requiring further sensor access gates.

The advantages are obvious:

  • Material costs: one complete sensor with its own electronics, own housing and connection interface are saved.
  • Installation effort: complete elimination of one installation process.
  • Design simplification: Saving an additional sensor access including all possible side effects like improving design freedom and reducing leakage opportunity.

Wolfgang Sexauer, Sales Manager: "At first glance, the idea is captivating and logical, as is every good idea. However, as usual, we can certainly say that the problem was in the detail. Especially when considering the realization of the series product, many challenges had to be overcome. But now the products are available, and sales is developing above our expectations. We are sure further series will follow."

The press release can be downloaded here: