RHEINTACHO trains the first DH (Co-operative University) student - Counteracting the lack of skills and leadership in a future-oriented manner

Caroline Bierer has been working as a personnel officer at RHEINTACHO for two years and is responsible, among other things, for supervising commercial trainees and for the first DH student at RHEINTACHO.

RHEINTACHO is offering a DH degree in business administration for the first time since 2018. Our first DH student started his studies, which takes place in cooperation with the DHBW-Lörrach, on October 1st, 2018.

Ms. Bierer, in which areas does RHEINTACHO train "otherwise"?

RHEINTACHO is currently training industrial clerks (m/f/d) and industrial mechanics (m/f/d) in the dual training occupations. We continue to rely on these apprenticeships. The DH degree is a supplement to this.

Why did RHEINTACHO choose the DH course?

RHEINTACHO is also faced with the challenges of securing young professionals and managers. For this reason, we want to attract young specialists and managers at an early stage and retain them in the long term. The DH degree offers us the ideal opportunity to achieve this goal.

Why now?

I studied business administration at the DHBW in Lörrach myself. When I came to RHEINTACHO in January 2018, the decision was quickly made to offer this course for the first time at RHEINTACHO. From my own experience, I know what conditions need to be created, how the practical phases are to be structured and how the DH student is best integrated into the company.

What are the advantages of a DH degree?

We decided to offer the industrial business administration course, as it is very broad and the students get an insight into all business areas of the company. The specialization in the 5th and 6th semester enables us to focus the studies on our company-specific emphasis. A great advantage is the close connection between theory and practice. Due to the practical lectures, students can quickly be used productively in the corporate areas. You work in day-to-day business from day one and take on the first small projects.

Will RHEINTACHO offer further study places in the future?

Integrating a DH student into company processes involves a high level of support. In order to meet the requirements for us as a company and to ensure a smooth course of study, we decided to offer only one study place in alternation with a dual training as an industrial clerk (m/f/d).

As the DH degree has so far proven to be very positive for both RHEINTACHO and our students, we would like to continue offering a DH degree in the business administration industry course in the future.

We can well imagine offering courses in technology subjects in the future.