RHEINTACHO Invests in Quality with the HEXAGON Measurement Centre

The Company in Freiburg, Germany relies on measurement accuracy in Quality Control.

Innovative is the way the family-run business from Freiburg presents itself and the new measurement centre not only helps with the technical inspection of incoming goods and the preparation of initial sample reports but also provides opportunities for the development team to verify new products more easily.

Since mid-2017, RHEINTACHO has benefited from the optical and tactile measuring accuracy of the HEXAGON measurement centre. The contactless measurement is primarily suitable for sensitive component such as unpopulated circuit boards. Previously, these assemblies were laboriously measured by an employee using manual tools. Now the measuring center can do this task in no time at the push of a button. With a few simple steps, the user can output measurement results down to the micrometre range. This extensive pool of metrics helps to gain process security and increase transparency.

Ralf Dilberger/ Manager of Quality Assurance at RHEINTACHO: "With the help of the measuring equipment microscope, we not only now win time, but also increase the flexibility within the department, as the ease of use ensures access for many users. An initial sampling or internal release procedure after e.g. tool maintenance can be implemented even more efficiently today. The automatic archiving of the measurement results also provides us with validation protocols which play an important role in retrograde analyses or for the development of new products."

The aim is to test further, more complex mechanical components with the system by means of special fixtures, so that even more economical and efficient work is possible in the future.