RHEINTACHO achieved record turnover in 2018 - Expansion of General Management and additional personnel changes

It was in the year 2017 when RHEINTACHO Messtechnik GmbH in Freiburg, Germany achieved a new turnover record. This has now been topped again by 14% in 2018.

Christoph Mozer, Managing Director and shareholder: “We are of course very proud of this growth. I would like to thank all employees as well as our suppliers. Without their support, this would not have been possible.“

New products, several large contracts and many new sensor developments have made it possible in 2018 to meet the increasing challenges of the international market with such success. We have already forecast further turnover growth for 2019.

The very positive business development has of course been accompanied by some challenges requiring RHEINTACHO to adapt its organization and to strengthen its team.

Together with Christoph Mozer, RHEINTACHO Messtechnik GmbH will also be led by Elmar Lackermaier in the future. Elmar Lackermaier has been working for the company for 19 years and formerly managed the development department. Peter Cisar has been his successor in managing the development team since February 1st, 2018. He is the perfect fit for this position having many years of experience in sensorics.

Dr. Andreas Gombert is a new addition to the team as Chief Operations Officer since May 1st, 2018. In this position, he is responsible for managing, leading and organizing all manufacturing and logistic processes. Andreas Gombert has much experience in well-known companies in e.g. the solar and electronics industries.

Another change is the granting of procuration to Wolfgang Sexauer effective February 1st, 2018. Wolfgang Sexauer is responsible for Sales and Marketing at RHEINTACHO Messtechnik GmbH.

Christoph Mozer: “I am really pleased that we have been able to strengthen our leadership team with Mr. Cisar and Dr. Gombert. Together with the promotions of Mr. Lackermaier and Mr. Sexauer, we have prepared RHEINTACHO well for future challenges. I am sure we will be able to continue the path of success we have had into the future with this team.“