Keeping an eye on rotational speed and direction with 2 channels: Differential-hall sensors from RHEINTACHO inside a high-tech plastic housing

RHEINTACHO especially caters to the electrical drive systems market with these rotational speed sensors. All models of the sensor family are equipped with the proven differential-hall technology for secure determination of rotation speed even in critical electrical and magnetic environmental conditions. The 2-channel design allows not only detection of rotational speed but also the direction of rotation.

The market for electrical drive systems in widely varying applications (e.g. industrial trucks) has been developing very dynamically in the last few years and the forecasts are also very promising. Especially in this price-sensitive market, users can have this RHEINTACHO sensor modified to suit their needs regarding both the required signals and the necessary protection class for their specific applications. A wide variety of cable lengths and connector types round off the customization options.

The sensors can be used in an extremely wide range of temperatures (up to +140 °C) due to the housings made of high-quality plastic as well as other constructive measures. The housing material used has exceptional mechanical properties. For example, compression strength and material durability reach values that already allow for substitution of metal housings depending on the respective application. Among other features, the electrical structure provides a very wide range of possible supply voltages and a high level of EMC stability. The Hall element used covers a wide frequency range and also allows for determining quasi-zero-movement.