Digital hand-tachometers and ATEX certified devices from RHEINTACHO

The reliable and simple recording and monitoring of speed, rotational speed and run length of different materials is part of everyday working life in many companies. Therefore, these working steps should be quick and uncomplicated to carry out.

RHEINTACHO Messtechnik GmbH offers the ideal measuring instrument for doing this: the digital hand-tachometer rotaro. Thanks to different measuring attachments, the handy device can be used for many various applications.

The special adapter for fibre measurement, rotaro T, and the special set for elevator and cable measurement, rotaro Te, have been realized due to individual customer requests.
RHEINTACHO, well-known for its flexible and customer-oriented corporate philosophy, reacted promptly to them and developed special adapters for the specific demands of the textiles and elevator industries.

Another special adapter for measuring welding wire speed, rotaro Tw, can be applied to optical and mechanical measurement of welding wire feed speed and is a reliable tool for quality control of welding-based production.

The basic device rotaro consists of wheels, measuring funnel and tip for mechanical measurements as well as reflective tapes for optical, and therefore non-contacting measurement.

The digital hand tachometers are just as useful when setting up plants and machinery as during service jobs, monitoring manufacturing processes or in development laboratories. Example applications include measuring the rotational speeds of engines, pumps and turbines, as well as of mixers, centrifuges and conveyors; it can also measure the velocities and lengths of all kinds of sheets and belts.

In addition to our versatile rotaro product line, RHEINTACHO is becoming an important player in the world of ATEX applications in maintenance and processing. RHEINTACHO’s English subsidiary, RHEINTACHO UK, is now the group’s Competence Center for ATEX applications and products. The first product, a handheld mechanical tachometer (HTM), was introduced with zone 2 certification in 2015 and this has since been upgraded to zone 1 to enable applications in mines. In 2016, two stationary solutions for RHEINTACHO stroboscopes in special zone 2 ATEX enclosures were introduced for applications in the printing and packaging industries. At present, further products ranging from stroboscopes to sensors are being developed and investigated to further complement RHEINTACHO’s portfolio of ATEX products.

RHEINTACHO and the world of ATEX devices and applications – an ever-increasing reciprocal relationship for our customers.

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