ATEX Certified system for stationary stroboscopes

The RHEINTACHO Group has now increased its efforts to provide the ATEX world with more devices which can be used in hazardous areas.

After introducing the handheld mechanical tachometer for Zone 2 applications in August 2014, this product was upgraded to enable it to be used in Zone 1 hazardous areas such as mines in November 2015. The success of this product as well as its ease of use, has led many companies to implement it in maintenance processes on site and in repair shops as well.

The newest and second addition to RHEINTACHO’S ATEX family is the introduction of two types of enclosure which are both Zone 2 approved. Within these enclosures, either the stationary LED stroboscopes from RHEINTACHO RT STROBE 3000 LED or 5000 LED are fitted and wired within them.

The 5000 enclosure is a bit larger than the 3000 enclosure. Both are then wired to a DIN rail inside the enclosure. The cable leaving the enclosure through an ATEX gland, is routed to a safe area (meaning outside the hazardous zone), and is connected via a 5-pin plug to the RHEINTACHO RT STROBE control which provides and receives signals as well as provides power to the strobe.

This enclosure can easily be mounted in printing areas or elsewhere to facilitate the inspection of high-speed surfaces and as a highly efficient light source for use in industrial image processing technology. Despite the characteristics of the enclosure no cooling is required and no soiling or other contamination occurs with the strobe being inside.

There is very little to no effect on the brightness or illuminated area through the window in the enclosure due to its position close to the window.

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