A world’s first: Portable stroboscope RT STROBE super qbLED with auto-sync laser function

The portable LED stroboscope RT STROBE super qbLED is the perfect supplement to the existing product line.

This hand-held stroboscope, which is exceptionally bright thanks to its 118 high-power LEDs, has an outstanding technical highlight, for which RHEINTACHO has applied for a patent. This is the auto-sync laser function. By means of a far-reaching transmission/reception system based on lasers, the flash rate of the stroboscope is synchronised automatically. The system operates to a distance of up to 3 metres, depending on ambient conditions.

How exactly does this auto-sync laser function work?
A laser beam sent from the stroboscope is reflected by a reflective tape back to the recipient cell on the front side of the stroboscope. As a result, the control of the stroboscope calculates the rotation rate of the object, feeds in the flash frequency of the stroboscope and outputs it again as a precisely measured value. Through this integrated optical tachometer/stroboscope, this value is absolutely precise and reliable in terms of process. Fluctuating rotational speeds are not a problem. Through the instantaneous control of the flash rate, the user always has the benefit of redundant detection.

This innovative and patent-pending function is a real highlight at both trade fairs as well as demonstrations: once a speed disc moving at high speed is instantaneously "frozen" with the auto-sync laser function, the presenter is sure to receive a great deal of attention. No tedious, manual adjustment, no installation of any trigger sensors required, and the measured value is instantly displayed.

The uniqueness of the auto-sync laser function is based on the integration of the laser unit in the stroboscope. The practical implementation of this integration is not trivial, since, in addition to the reflection of the laser, the receiving unit is also achieved by the reflection of the flash of the stroboscope. This extremely bright flash reflection cannot affect a clean and reliable detection of the laser reflection in any way.

For applications in which the reflex tape cannot be attached directly to the object under observation, an observation function (auto-save) has also been added. Thereby, similar to the focus lock on a photo camera, the speed at a position of the system which rotates with a similar to equal speed can be taken down, and this frequency can then be used for further observation on the position of the system which is actually to be tested.

More intelligent and useful control functions are easily forgotten in comparison, but they are absolutely worth mentioning. As a result, all RHEINTACHO STROBE qbLED stroboscopes include the option to save the setting parameters on the "memory function" for various applications and to then load them again for later inspection tasks.

Since these still non-exhaustive lists of functions for various applications are not necessary, the RHEINTACHO employs a 2-stage operating concept. Users can choose between a standard and a professional mode. This allows users to choose between a simple or a complex operation tailored to their specific use of the device. The range of setting options in the professional mode leave the user with nothing to be desired: brightness which is absolute (µs) or relative (degrees), trigger divider, trigger multiplier, phase shift/deceleration which is absolute (ms) or relative (degrees), slow-motion automatic, and trigger edge are selectable.

A signal amplifier is available as a new optional accessory for all qbLED stroboscopes. This enables vibration test rigs, for example, to be connected to the stroboscope. The stroboscope will then flash automatically with the vibration frequency. As a result, the vibrations of the objects located on the test bench are visible and interpretable to the human eye. With the aforementioned features, the stroboscope can also be parameterised continuously.

The RT STROBE super qbLED stroboscope, which weighs just over 1 kg, is delivered in a functional and robust case. Handle, calibration certificate, battery charger with plugs, trigger plugs and reflex tapes are also included. Thanks to the integrated lithium-ion batteries, the stroboscope can be operated for up to 7 hours without a break.

RT STROBE super qbLED is a very good example of how long-proven devices can offer solutions for current and future application tasks through forward-thinking development and the use of the latest technologies.

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