Tacho generators

> No external power supply needed
> Mechanical transfer of rotation
> Tested and approved by certification institutes
> Shock-resistant
> Powerful, normalized voltage, current or pulse output
  • Tacho generator
  • Available in AC or DC version

RHEINTACHO tacho generators reliably measure the rotational speeds of motors. The rotation is mechanically transferred directly via a shaft to the sender. At the output of the sender there is an electric signal proportional to the rotation. The signal is then normally transferred to a Rheintacho indicator system.

The senders are available with a normalized voltage, current or pulse output, which means that the right model can be chosen for a wide range of indicator and control units. RHEINTACHO also offers custom solutions adapted for the application.

Because of their sturdy and compact design and their electromechanical measuring procedure, the tacho generators are absolutely suitable for industrial applications and are used in plant construction and mechanical engineering, as well as in power and drive engineering, and above all in shipbuilding.

They can measure the rotational speeds of ships' engines, turbines, rotors, rollers or conveyor belts very reliably, even under the most demanding conditions, because this measuring method needs no external power supply. Even if the on-board supply fails completely, the tacho generator continues to provide accurate readings.


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