Mechanical indicators

> Operation without power supply
> Easy-to-read, high-contrast display with clear figures
> Application in explosive zones possible
> Long service life
> Easy to maintain
  • Mechanical indicator

RHEINTACHO has been offering mechanical rotational speed indicators based on the tried-and-tested technology of the eddy-current tachometer for seventy years. The mechanical indicators simultaneously measure and visualize the speeds of rotating objects. They are connected directly to the point of movement via a shaft and need no power supply.

RHEINTACHO has a standard range of these measuring devices in various sizes.

They are exceptionally robust and ideally suited for use in harsh, industrial environments. The mechanical measuring principle means that there is no interference from magnetic or electromagnetic fields.

The mechanical indicators are used for many different applications. Typical examples are experimental set-ups, process monitoring, test rigs and control centers. In turn, these are employed in mining (drill drives), on ships (engines and gears), in steel mills and the chemical industry (mixing plants).

The RHEINTACHO mechanical indicators can also record and display other process factors related to rotational speed.

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